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Facial/Body Massage/Foot Reflexology Anyone?
 -by: Christine A. Reyes

Today – The Facial
Okay Salsa lovers…let’s cut to the end of a long and wonderful marathon of classes, socials and just plain ol’ dancing at the Copa.  You get the picture? 

Are you tired yet?  Feet ache?  Can your body use a massage to ease your weary muscles?  Did you do one of those dance combinations that used muscles you didn’t know existed?  Most of all…after all this, do you look “Busted” (a.k.a. non-radiant looking. You lost your glow and you don’t know where to find it!)

Fear not my fellow salseros.  Last night I had a most wonderful experience and I had it without Louis at my side.  Now, now, minds out of the gutter please.  It’s quite simple…I had a facial!  Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “Big deal”…well it was.  Louis and I took a leisurely walk to 57th West 57th in the city, where I was to meet ‘Marianna Ionescu’.  He smirked and went off to teach a private.  I was doing my “girlie” thing again.  Well, much to my surprise, I found a treasure trove in Suite 710.  Here’s how it went:

Upon arrival, you are at the door of Studio 57 Skin & Body Care Spa – Terme di Saturnia.  Having called earlier in the day to set up my 7:00 p.m. appointment, Marianna greeted my warmly as she ushered me in.  I was quickly asked to step into one of the treatment rooms and told to disrobe except for my thong – all right, it was undies – anyway, I was caught by surprise.  Here I was thinking I’m just going to sit on a reclining chair with my street clothes on while my blackheads are being expelled.  Wrong.  You are to undress, lay down on a lovely white recliner and drape a towel over yourself.  I did as I was told, feeling a bit giddy being in the buff, thinking, “…and Louis thought I was overpaying.”  After I lay down and position my white towel over my body, I await Marianna, feeling a bit tense not knowing what to expect.  After about 3 minutes, Marianna flutters through the door asking all the niceties pertaining to my comfort.  Mind you, soothing music is being filtered into the room and the only source of light is the soft glow of dimmed bulbs.  Perfect.  Let me describe Marianna.  Marianna is a beautiful older woman with a small top and full hips.  She has a lovely accent – I thought she was Italian – but my natural curiosity for people, leads me to ask where she is from.  Romania.  She is very feminine, graceful and very direct.  I hear her mules softly clicking on the floor as she prepares.  She comes and sits behind me and tucks my hair into a muslin hair cap.  She then lays a tissue over my eyes and brings out the magic mirror with a strong circle of light around it.  This is the mirror that tells no lies – I have oily skin in the T-zone section, good elasticity, no wrinkles around the eyes or mouth (yet), and why am I abusing my skin by trying to take out that occasional blackhead [read: very occasional] – GUILTY.  My skin marks easily so I am told to cut it out.

The steps afterwards are delicious.  First, she cleanses my face with a milk-cleansing product, while steam is puffed out of a long white tube 2 feet away from my face.  It’s a gentle steam and I start thinking that I could use more - not to fear – after 5 minutes you’re left fighting to breathe – it works. 

She massages the cleanser gently into my face.  She has the most soothing, soft hands.  My facial has begun, and along with it, I get a massage on my neck, shoulders, and my décolleté area – short of massaging my breast fully – just the tops of them.  Boy, did I enjoy that!  She then works on your arms all the way down to my fingers. Lastly, my calves and feet.  I squirm at this point because I have corn on the cob toes and I am a bit squeamish about it, but she ignores my soft pleas (you really think I wanted her to stop?), and massaged my feet and little toes into oblivion.  I’m in heaven and I’m hooked.

Next step – she places a warm towel on my face to wipe off the cleanser – now the “expellation” of things that do not belong on my skin takes place.  This takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  Again, she is gentle but you do feel a light sting.  Afterwards a pleasant smelling antibiotic is set on my skin.  I am then given a vegetable peel.  Vegetable for me because of the type of skin.  She uses a mild strength…#6.  As I continue to go to her, she will bring up the strength as long as I have no adverse reactions.  This is to balance out my skin.  She covers my eyes and leaves the room.  The peel is left on for about 15 to 20 minutes.  I feel only a slight sensation but no stinging.  At this point I start to yawn and am thinking I could get used to this everyday, if only my wallet could.  As I am in a semi comatose state, Marianna gently enters the room and places yet another warm towel on my face.  She then dabs on toner and massages a hydrating cream into my face and neck.  I am told not to forget my neck…it’s a big mistake that everyone does.  At this point, somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m waiting for the big push to by Terme di Saturnia products.  WRONG – I am told to go to Duane Reade, by any mud mask and once a week do my own deep pore cleansing.  Of course, if I’d like, I can come back in about 2 months and get the whole procedure done again.  She had me on “hello”. 

Well my fellow salseros, this is not an exclusive woman practice, it is for everyone and believe me, you’ll come out glowing and feeling oh so clean and fresh.  Okay, I know you men don’t want to glow but you know you could use some deep cleansing and softening for that skin!  Believe me, we will notice.  

This facial took an hour and 5 minutes.  Price $70 (includes tax)…well, worth it!

About Terme di Saturnia – In the town of Saturnia, Tuscany Italy, thermal waters rich in the Earth’s nutrients have rejuvenated the skin for thousands of years.  This is the source for the exclusive face and body collection of Terme di Saturnia.  This authentic Spa treatment line contains “Bioglea”, the unique extract from thermal plankton.


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