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SalsaNewYork Product Review: 
Seaon “Stylist” Bristol’s
Partnerwork Level III
Instructional Video

-by Manny Siverio

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Seaon “Stylist” Bristol is an LA mambo instructor (formerly from NY) who is heavily known for his unique and graceful style of mambo dancing. He spins on the dance floor like no other male mambo dancer I’ve seen to date. He is in demand for his workshops that teaches the foundation of his turning & spinning skills. This month SalsaNewYork reviews one of Seaon’s Instructional Videos entitled "Seaon’s ‘Stylists’ Bristol’s Partnerwork Level III Instructional Video”

Description Of Product
Seaon divides this instructional tape into three main segments.

  • The first part consists of female mambo drills (1 ½  left turn, Double Right Turn and the Cross Body Lead or “CBL”).

  • The second part centers on male mambo drills (9 o’clock left turn, Sleepy right turn, Axle left turn)

  • The third part focuses on turn patterns. The drills illustrated in  other two parts of the tape are incorporated into this segment. Other dancing skills like injections, the open spot and crossovers for the woman with an inside turn are also incorporated. 

Manny's Take:
Seaon Bristol’s Partnerwork Level III is a well produce instructional tape that goes straight to the point. The material is well thought out and organized. He explains and demonstrates everything in a clear and concise way. Each topic is broken down in detail in a way that only Season can. Skills presented early on are later incorporated into the actual turn pattern segment of the tape. This way the viewer can immediately see how these isolated dancing drills apply to actual partner dancing. Seaon treats the camera and speaks to it as it were a student, which makes the viewer feel like he is giving them a private. The camera is usually placed directly behind Seaon (when photographed alone) to simulate a dance student’s point of view of their instructor. The video contains quality editing with smooth transitions between wide upper body shots & tighter lower body shots. Seaon is an excellent instructor to watch. He performs and dances with a style that is clearly his own.  So, If you aren’t able to train with the “Real McCoy”, want to pick up some new dance skills or merely need to clean up some of your partner dancing then Seaon Bristol’s Partnerwork Level III instructional video may be the tape for you. 

SalsaNewYork Rating system:
This Product Rated a 7 out of 8 beat clave.

1-2 beats = Awful, don't waste your time or money
3-4 beats = Poor, might offer some valuable information to some dancers
5-6 beats = Good, not perfect but worth the investment
7-8 beats = Excellent, ideal training tool for instruction and/or learning

Where To Buy This Product:
The SeaonStylist Salsa Dance Company
P.O. Box 712308
Los Angeles, CA  90071 
Phone: (213) 739-2983
Click here for the URL to purchase Seaon's tape online  


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