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WTC E-mails of Concern
Salseros Reaction to the World Trade Center Attack

-compiled by Manny Siverio

Like the rest of the world I found myself glued to the TV on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 watching the horror of the World Trade Center as it unfolded. At the time of this disaster I was in Puerto Rico visiting my mother. Like the rest of the world, I lost all phone contact with my New York family and friends. As I tried frantically to get a hold of them, the rest of the Salsa World was trying to do the same thing. Phone lines were down & cell phones were out. Email was the only means of communication left to me and the rest of the Salsa world. I began getting email messages from fellow salseros asking for the well being and whereabouts of other salseros.

Those of us who live in New York know that NY Mambo Instructor Delille Thomas works during the day in the World Trade Center. Mario Diaz as well as others began inquiring about his whereabouts. Soon there was a rapid fire of email messages from salseros combining their resources. After several hours, Delille responded. In this case there was a happy ending. But with roughly 5,000 people missing in the aftermath, this cannot always be the case. The News and the Government has said several times that by the time this is over, everyone in NY will either know someone who has perished in the attack or knows of someone who knows someone who was killed in the attack. I myself have been informed that a fellow stuntman who works as a NYC fireman was one of the first into the World Trade Center and is listed as missing when the buildings came crashing down.

Below you’ll find samples of the outpour of emails received at SalsaNewYork over the last few day:

From: "AL B PRODUCTIONS" <albpro@aol.com>

Hello everyone,
Our Nation experienced a devastating tragedy this past Tuesday in which thousands of lives perished unnecessarily.  I wish to extend my sincere condolences to all the families and friends who are grieving for this great loss, especially those brave and selfless members of  NYPD, FDNY, EMT and all who gave their lives to help others.

At a time like this all we can do is pray for everybody.  We have to be strong because AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL shall overcome.
We cannot let terrorism which is designed to create fear and stop production take hold of our lives.  We must stay focused.
May you find peace and strength during this most difficult time in our nation's history.
God bless us all.

P E A C E!
AL  B.  Productions 

From: <mambomario@juno.com>
Subject: Re: How is everyone??

Manny, Mario found out that Delille is fine.  Because he was delayed
heading into work, he was not hurt or around that close area.  Hope all
is well with you and your mom.  Talk to you soon.


On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:58:22 -0400 "Manny Siverio"
<mciacorp@ix.netcom.com> writes:
Hi, I'm hoping that all of you are safe from the WTC attack. I'm
currently in PR taking care of my mother. I have been out of phone
contact with NY because of downed phone lines. I've already spoke to
Addie and know that most of you are safe, but does anyone know of
Delille??? I heard that he works in the WTC. Mario Diaz has been
trying to contact him too. I hope that you guys can network and fine
out if he is okay.

From: MooreBabsA@aol.com
Subject: God Bless You

Our support and love are with you at this sad time.
May Gods love comfort and strengthen you.
You are not alone.
Love from England - Birmingham Salsa Scene

From: Salsametro@aol.com
To: Salsametro@aol.com

Dear Friends: SalsaMetro.Com hopes all of you will say a prayer for the victims of the recent terrorist acts, for the volunteer's, fire and emergency personnel who are working round the clock in Washington, D.C. and New York City, and other parts of our country, to help the victims of the recent terrorist acts. Pray for the medical staffs at hospitals and other medical facialities trying to render care and comfortable to those injured by the terrorist acts; pray that our countrymen and women will not take their frustrations out on others, who had nothing to do with the terrorist acts, other than they maybe of the same nationality, let us pray for strength and wisdom for our leaders as they make decisions to keep the country together and seek those response for the terrorists acts perpetrated upon our country.

Wendell Robinson

From: "LA BOMBA" <la-bomba@02.246.ne.jp>
Subject: from LA BOMBA, Tokyo JAPAN


LA BOMBA (representative : Macomo Kihira ,Tokyo JAPAN) has decided to donate
a part of benefit from its salsa lessons via the American Red Cross to help
with their needs in regards to the tragedies on the East Coast.

We pray for the repose of the victim's soul.

September 14, 2001
Macomo Kihira

From: Seaon "Stylist" 
Subject: Seaon's Simple Request!!

Hello:  I am sure that you all know my main source of stamina in my life is THE LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.  Join me, along with our President, in these days of prayer.  I am asking that you quickly just read the prayer that I have said for our Nation.  It is not necessary for you to get on your knees, but by you just reading it, I guarantee you that the almighty father will hear. We need all the prayer that we can get.  Please do me this favor by briefly reading this prayer, and give Glory & Honor to Our God for the way in which he is about to deliver us from this evil. 


Father in the Name of Your Son Jesus.  We a united group of both talented and blessed individuals, join our voices & bodies to commit to this prayer for Our Nation.  Even as dancers, we humbly acknowledge that without your blessings we would not possess the talents that we have.  So with that in mind O God!  We cry out for your mercy upon this wonderful Nation that you so willing continue to bless.  We acknowledge the fact that you are in complete control of this entire situation.  As horrible as it is, we do accept that you are God enough to allow this to happen, but we also know that it was not your hand of wrath upon us.  Father, we have given up trying to understand why you allow certain things to happen to us, but in this time of such sadness and loss, we ask for your forgiveness and complete mercy, upon our lives and the ones that we've lost.  We pray that you would dispatch your Angelic Hosts to guide and protect the families and loved ones of the thousands that are deceased, and comfort them through this mournful time.

And now MY GOD!  We ask that you would place a hedge around this nation with your Divine Holy Spirit.  Protect us from all danger both seen and unseen, allowing nothing but good to come to us, and let nothing but good go from us.  Allow your power to be placed before us to guide us; beside us to shield and protect us; beneath us to sustain us; behind us to push and encourage us; above us to cover us and In Us to Fill us...that our lives may bring Glory and Honor to your name.  All these mercies we ask through the precious name of your son JESUS CHRIST.  Amen!!!

From: <harry@salsaon2.com>
Subject: Re: from Manny Siverio

Hey Manny,

Everything is going well. It's still a little hectic for the Pentagon people but I'm glad I don't know anyone there. At the same time I feel for those that do. Aside from that many are staying away from DC during the evening hours, as mourning or just because of fear. That comes with it.

How's everything up there? I know you guys had it worse.


From: "Laura Cattaneo" <cattaneo@vallecchi.it>
Subject: how are you?

Dear Manny,

we cannot still believe what happened in NY. I hope you are ok and that all
of the dancers and people we knew last month in the salsa congress and
during the half month we stayed in NY for studying and dancing in the clubs
are safe.

Please keep european salseros informed and ask for any need that may come.

Laura and Leo from Italy.

From: "Hi from LADO!" <alma@atulado.org>
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 11:07 AM

Dear Friends,

Never have I been so deeply moved by an event, it has literally shaken me to
the core.  Below is a poem that has worked its way out of my weeping soul.

The Death of The Twins

Under the helmet of a perfect and boundless sky,
She watched as a rocket hurled into the heart of her Northern sister.

Racked with pain as the heat soared from her heart,
She watched a rocket tear into the belly of her Southern sister.

Aching and agonizing, the twins leaned into each other,
Bidding each other a final farewell.

Her heart wrenching, she watched as her Southern sister fell to the ground,
Watching and waiting until the pain was too great
And then she too, crumbled to the ground.

And just like that...

Thousands of dreams,
Thousands of hopes,
Went up in smoke.

Thousands of mothers and fathers,
Thousands of brothers and sisters,
Thousands of friends and lovers,
All were buried in the rubble.

And the world wept,
For the death of the twins was too great to bear.

And in the aftermath,
The anger begins to brew.

From: "Rose Lau (LCO)" <rlau@ngco.com>
Subject: Are you, your friends and family alright?

Don't know if this will get through to you, been watching the news and am
totally in shock at what happened... I hope you, your friends and family are
alright.  Cannot believe that someone is that crazy to take away so many
innocent lives.

Take care and hope you are well.

Rose Lau
Toronto, Ontario – Canada

From: "Kiyomi" <kay@osb.att.ne.jp>
Subject: Are you OK?

I have been trying to call and reach you...
but  no success,,,,,It is almost impossible to reach you at this moment.

Are you OK ?
I hope you are.

This is not somthing that we can believe....
It is so so so shocking.

Please return me your e-mail if you can
and let me know  that you are OK


From: <osogrande@osograndeproductions.com>
Subject: Our prayers go out to those affected by today's tragic events

We pray for all of those we know and the families of those affected
by the horrible occurences today in our cities.
Our prayers and hopes are with all of you in this time of sorrow and
We will be having a fundraiser open for all donations food clothing, or money this
friday at the 8th floor night club with proceeds going to the red cross
to assist them with their care of the injured and their families.
Thank you and God Bless

From: "Salseros On Line" <salsainstructor@yahoo.com>
Subject: Take few minutes and save a life ...

Lets help our brothers and sisters in New York and DC by donating our blood.

Please spread the word! Here are all the local blood center sites:

Santa Ana donor Center
600 ParkCenter Dr.
Santa Ana CA 92705
(off of Fourth St. between Tustin Ave & Golden Circle Dr. )

Fountain Valley Donor Center
17800 Newhope Ave., Suite A
Fountain Valley CA 92708
(Next to Costco shopping)

Fullerton Donor Center
1715 N. Euclid Ave.
Fullerton CA 92635
(Euclid/Rosecrans by Savons) (Bastanchury & Rosecrane by Quaker Bank)

Laguna Hills Donor Center
24731 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92635
(behind Wendy's on Alicia blvd/Hon)

Please they need all our help they can get, it only take a few minutes
and may save a lot of lifes.

Salseros On Line

From: <albert@tstonramp.com>
Subject: Benefit Concert Friday @ Sportsmen's

On Friday September 14, Albert Torres Productions will donate a % of the proceeds of the salsa dance at Sportsmen's Lodge to the American Red Cross to help with their needs in regards to the tragedies on the East Coast. These tragedies have affected our entire nation and we want to show our support.
Donations will also be accepted. Any additional donations should be made payable to the American Red Cross.
At the end of the evening we will announce how much we will be donating.
Doors Open at 8pm
Dance Class at 8:30pm
DJ at 9:30pm
Band at 10:00pm
Band and DJ till 1:30am
All proceeds of any videos or CD's sold on Friday 9/14 will also be donated to
The American Red Cross.
Let's support our brothers and sisters in this time of need and thank God for our health and the chance to be with our loved ones. Never take life for granted. Hope to see you on Friday, if not please say a prayer for all of those that have been affected by this tragedy.
God Bless,
Albert Torres
"Creating Unity Through Salsa"



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