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(Originally posted on SalsaNewYork 0n 7/04)

Editor's Note: My partner in Internet Crime (Steve Shaw) recently numerated the sequence of events in which he and I got this online magazine to where it is today. - Manny

- by Steve Shaw

Albert Torres presenting Manny Siverio and Steve Shaw their award at the 
2004 West Coast Salsa Congress. Click here for more award photos.

Running a salsa web site is a rather quiet job, in a way, so it's nice 
to get such a public recognition as we did at Albert Torres 2004 
West Coast Salsa Congress.

Between the two of us, we go back quite a few years, first on separate 
web sites (with lots of links between us) and then later together on
SalsaNewYork.com.  We're not exactly sure of these dates, but here's an
approximate history:

Late 1994 - Manny started the first On 2 dancers web site in NYC on
SalsaWeb.com.  It was the first ever "city page" on all of SalsaWeb.com
worldwide.  He created sections for NYC events, instructors and 

1996 - 1997 - Steve began giving out Xeroxes of On 2 mambo events and
started an "email service" with mambo events and news.

1998 - Steve begin an internet calendar of On 2 events called 
NYCSalsa.com, and Manny and I worked together to divide up the job of covering the 
NY/NJ scene and provided many links between our 2 web sites.

1999 - NYCSalsa.com was changed to SalsaNewYork.com and we both 
continued to expand the features on our sites with complete links back and forth.

2001 - 2004 - Manny and I joined together on SalsaNewYork.com, added more 
sections about dancing On 2, creating what we think is probably the most
comprehensive On 2 web site in the world.  Of course, much of the
information that we have is applicable to all forms of dancing to salsa.











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