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(Originally posted on SalsaNewYork in 2004)

Open Letter From
David Melendez
Re: 2004 New York Salsa Congress


Hola Salseros!!!!!

             What’s up my people? The New York Salsa Congress is in full 
gear and I have great news. But before the great news, I first want to 
let everyone know that there is only 7 days left for the early bird 
discount. Right now the price of a full congress pass is $245 and after 
July 1st it will go up to $260. The evening only pass is at $65 right 
now and will go up to $75, so get your savings before it’s too late!

            Now the big news! I wrote a letter stating that I was 
having my pre congress party at the Wild Palm (which happens to be my 
favorite club) and then found out that they closed their doors. Well, I 
heard through the grapevine that they are working on their problem and 
will reopen the club. Right now this is a rumor but it’s a rumor I want 
to pass to everyone. Yeah I know I am setting myself up for another set 
back but just to hear that they are working out their problems to open 
the club is great news to me. I will keep you posted with what’s going 
on with the pre congress party, my 40th birthday (again) and the 
calendar release party. I do have a back up plan that I’ve been working 
on, so please stand by.

The Salsa Museum is making it’s arrangements to get the Fania All-Star 
exhibit up and ready for viewing at the New York Salsa Congress. They 
will be at the Murray Ballroom, so make sure you come and check them 
out while you are in the congress

.           Just a reminder that the room rate of $149 per night for 
the Hilton hotel is good until August 1, if you have not gotten your 
room for the weekend do not wait. There are 6 weeks left to book your 
room at the discounted rate. Yes, there are plenty of rooms available. 
This hotel is large and can handle many guests.

If you plan on staying in New York longer then the congress dates, we 
had set up a Week of Salsa that you can go too. Here is what’s 
	• 	 Monday, August 23 – Flamingo night club with a live band.
	• 	Tuesday, August 24 – A Jimmy Anton special night social. Yes, he 
will open for all the Salseros that decide to stay longer. This is the 
longest-running mambo social in New York, and one of the best!  Doors 
will open from 10:30 PM - 1:30 AM.  We are also working on having a 
workshop with New York’s top instructors right before Jimmy’s social, 
so please stand by for more info.
	• 	Wednesday, August 25 – Abbey’s Mad About Mambo Social another 
special night. There will be performances with some of the old school 
dancers schedule. More info to come
	• 	Thursday, August 26 - Club Cache 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM Very reasonable 
admission price.  One of the few Manhattan salsa events in a nightclub 
that is actually being run especially for the mambo dancers.

We are also working on adding workshops for our visitors during the 
Salsa Week.

We will have more detailed information so that you can make plans.

Take a look at our web site  www.nycsalsacongress.com

6 weeks and counting down!

Where Salsa Lives
David Melendez, Director



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