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 Originally published on SalsaNewYork on 7/04
Behind the Scene Photos of the
2004 New York Salsa Congress
Calendar Shoot

Manny Siverio
-Photos by David Melendez




This month NY Mambo Instructor, Performer and Promoter to the New York Salsa Congress David Melendez tells us a little about his upcoming Mambo Men & Mambo Women of New York Calendar. Just when you thought you seen it all, David comes up with his take on an old idea.


David Melendez striking a pose for his calendar


SalsaNewYork:  What gave you the idea for a Salsa Calendar?
David Melendez: Actually Curtis Charles my media person was the one that planted the seed in my head. He had seen some calendars being done in Chicago, Puerto Rico and Canada and mentioned to me that we needed one in New York. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to put that kind of energy in making a calendar and of course there was the expense. But I changed my mind on the way back to New York after a girl had mentioned to me why New York didn't have a calendar.


SNY: Why do 2 separate calendars (men/women)?

DM: Simply put, I decided to do a men's calendar after thinking that you always see women's calendars, yet we needed to do a women's calendar because there are so many beautiful women that are part of the mambo scene here. This way I can cater to both men & women who are coming to this year's congress.



SNY: Will this be something you plan on doing each year or this a one
shot deal? When does the calendar start and end?

DM: I'm not sure what this is going to lead too, but I do have some ideas that I don't want to say right now because I don't want someone to beat me to it. The calendar itself wil run through 2005.



SNY: Who do you plan on catering too? The dancers or the fans?

DM: To both by using the dancers, performers & instructors that most people know like Griselle Ponce, Frankie Martinez, Juan Matos, Duplessy Walker and many more.




SNY: Was it hard to get people to volunteer?

DM: Yes it was. Not everyone jumped at the idea and wanted to be part of this calendar.





SNY: Can you describe what the calendar will look like?

DM: Other than it featuring some of the top mambo performers in New York, it will be a typical looking calendar with 12 months with the pictures on each page.




SNY: Who did you invite to pose for the calendar?

DM: I invited several people. Like I mentioned before I have Griselle Ponce, Frankie Martinez, Juan Matos, Duplessy Walker, Amaryllis Cintron, Mario B, Henry Knowles, Yesenia Peralta, Danny Ramirez, Nancy Ortiz and a several more.






SNY:  What are you doing with the proceeds from your sale?

DM: I am donating 50% of the money that is generated from the sale of
the calendar to the cancer society.

SNY: Will you be in the calendar?

DM: Yes (smile) I will be the old man in the calendar.


SNY: Who are the photographers? Who are the graphic designers? What have
they done in the past? How can people contact them?

DM: Curtis Charles, Ricky Nelson & Willie Rivera are the photographers for the shoot. The name of their company is CNR Productions. These are the same guys that I used for my New York Salsa Congress DVD. They did a great job when it came to making the videos and taking photos of last year's event. They can be contacted by calling 516-848-1455.

SNY: Can people order the calendar on line? If so where?

DM: Yes. People can place an order through my congress web site. The cost for each calendar is just $15. In fact I plan on having a calendar release party on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 during the Pre-New York Salsa Congress party at the Wild Palm Night Club in the Bronx.



More Behind the Scene Photos of the NY Salsa Congress Calendar Shoot

Mambo Dancer/Director & Performer CC Williams (Left) and DJ Nelson Torres (Right)

Two more photos with DJ Nelson Torres in both his corporate/causal look.

Another picture of CC Williams (Left) and a happy-go-lucky David Melendez (Right) strike a pose for the camera during the shoot.

A sexy Winsome Lee switches poses to show us that you don't have to be Latina to be sexy and one heck of a mambo dancer.

David Melendez can now add the title of calendar model to his impressive string of talents.

It seems that David Melendez (Left) and I (Right) have our own versions of what's cool and debonair.





















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