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Hector Lopez is a Brooklyn, New York, based "On 2" salsero who is a mambo instructor and performer. 
He has most recently performed with the Revelation Dancers in Brooklyn.

He has written the following poem about a salsa dance between two partners. 
As with most poetry, it has more than one level. 
It is called "Connection".




A thick moisture fills the air
Beads of perspiration encompass their surroundings
Each drop, a mind blowing connection, waiting to explode
Brought forth by the interaction of two heated bodies
Intertwined in a few moments pleasure
They look on at one another
Her eyes reflect her admiration fo him
As he manipulates her body into an array of various positions
His own eyes reveal to her his adoration for
Her sensual curves and gentle follow
With an unfathomable chemistry they move together
In unison, acting in harmony
She surrenders control and flows to his touch
His heart beats heavy
Her breast glisten with sweat as his expands as he inhales
Dampened air penetrates their lungs
Two figures drowned in the other's caress
As temperatures rise, they anticipate each other's next move
The climax of their experience determined by excited expressions
He glances at her as she smiles with approval
Filled with confidence and satisfaction, they get lost in one last embrace
In a breath taking moment the two figures release
The music stops
They engage in one final stare
And remove themselves from the dance floor
Until the next song begins....


by Hector Lopez










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