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Latin Madness II
The Madness behind Latin Madness
Photos taken backstage during performance

-by Manny Siverio

These photos were taken backstage of the cast during some of the performances of
Latin Madness II

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Hair & Make-up Madness
Much of the madness in Latin Madness happened backstage during each performance. 
The hair and make-up area became Grand Central Station for much of the cast.

It was truly an interesting sight to see several of New York's toughest "HE-MEN" 
mambo dancers getting dressed up in drag for the "Love For Sale" number. He we see
Jesus Nieves (Yellow hair) and Mario B., the Papa of the Mambo Mambo Mamas (Green Hair).

Frankie Martinez (Left) and Cesar Taveres (Right) getting ready for their Libertad number. The make-up for their "Libertad" number required careful attention to detail.

Santo Rico - Back Stage
The Girls of the Santo Rico Dance Co. in their dressing room before the show.

The Men of Santo Rico dressed and ready to go for three 
different numbers, wait their turn to go on stage.

Santo Rico men, in transit, getting changed in front of their 
dressing room.

Cindy Carrion dressed and in Character for her 
role in the Side Street Side.

Thomas Guerrero (Director, Santo Rico Dance Co.) dressed 
and in character as "The Dead-beat Dad" for the Side Street scene.

Massiel Guerra and Cindy Carrion Stop to pose 
while getting ready for the show.

Jai & Candy - Back Stage

Candy Mena putting on her make-up in her dress room.

Jai Catalano (Jai & Candy) getting into make-up as "Sun-burn" boy (left). Actually this 
is the way that gets into make-up for Latin Madness II. No make-up just 
good old fashion finger-in-the-electrical-socket. Quick, effective and 
ouch!!!!! I guess pretty painful. This is what Jai is willing to do for the good 
of the show.

Addie-Tude - Back Stage

Addie Diaz (Center, Director of Addie-Tude Dance Co.) and her 
"Shinning Knight"
Co-Dancers Brenda Ramos 
(Santo Rico Dance Company) & Aisha Koswara (Abakua Dancers)

The "Shinning Knight" girls pose with Juan Matos  (Santo Rico Dance Company) 
in his "Love for Sale" costume. What is it about women in men's clothing.... or 
for that matter, men dressed up as women?? 8-)

Manny Blackett, Gina Cancetti
& Manny Siverio (of Addie-tude Dance Company
strike a pose just before going up on-stage for their number.

Gina Cancetti and
Manny Siverio (Addie-Tude Dance Company), waiting for 
the curtain to go up for the Side Street scene.

For more behind the scenes Addie-tude photos

Abakua - Back Stage

Aisha help fellow Abakua dancer Ramon get his hair ready for 
their "Libertad" number.

Jeanette was Latin Madness's "United We Stand" spoken person. In honor of 
all the 9/11 victims she would go out on stage before each show and sing 
"God Bless America".

The Abakua men busy getting ready for their numbers.

Frankie Martinez (Director, Abakua Dancers) and his partner 
Aisha Koswara backstage and in costume for the Side Street Scene.

The Papa of the Mambo Mamas
The many sides of Mario  B. (The Papa of the Mambo Mamas & the Papa), 
dressed in drag for "Love for Sale" (Left) and as Mr. Rogaine for the 
Side Street scene.

Profile view of Mario as Mr. Rogain.

Back Stage watching & waiting

The cast members waiting in the wings back stage. 
They would never get tired of watching their fellow 
performers shine on stage.

Herbie Quinones (Latin Madness's MC) back stage stays 
focus during the show. He is the thread that holds the 
show together.

Ray Sepulveda in Character as the Legendary 
Tito Puente during the Palladium scene.

Jai and Sammy Irrizarry (Descarga Latina) waiting for the curtain to go 
up for Latin Madness II Side Street scene.


After Party at Side Street
The cast of Latin Madness finally lets loose some steam 
during "The Latin Madness After Party" held at the Side 
Street Club in the Bronx.

Thomas Guerrero cutting up the floor at Side Street.

Herbie Quinones in MC heaven surrounded by various 
cast members on the dance floor.

Several of the Descarga Dance Co. members  
Steve Seda, Maribel Maldonado, Stracy Diaz
chilling out at a table during the After Party.

Jai & Candy are all smiles.

Carlos Mendoza, Nelson Flores take a second to pose with Side Street owner Artie Ramos.

After the Madness

Herbie Quinones doing an interview for a documentary 
on NY mambo and the making of Latin Madness II.

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