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 Product Review: 
Estilo Clasico LLC.
Jai & Candy
Timing and Speed
Instructional CD

-by Manny Siverio

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SalsaNewYork Product News Announcement 
These products will be reviewed by SalsaNewYork by the next issue.
Manny Siverio

Upcoming DVD Reviews will Include:

  • Jai & Candy New York Style Turn Patterns Vol.1 Intermediate/Advance
  • Jai & Candy New York Style Shines Vol.1 Intermediate/Advance
  • Candy Mena ladies Styling Volume 1
SalsaNewYork News Announcement - by Steve Shaw

Jai & Candy
Announce Instructional DVDs For Partner Turn Patterns & Shines, Ladies Styling - Also Timing CD
NY performers, instructors, choreographers & "Copa Dancers" , Jai & Candy , have just released their 3 excellent new instructional DVDs on turn patterns, open shines and ladies' styling.  These are the first "On 2" DVDs ever produced & they cover each area of dancing with clarity, detail & style.  Moves are broken down very specifically by Jai for the men & by Candy for the women, then shown fully with music.  They focus on footwork, hand & arm & body positions, & men's & ladies' styling.  The 2 partner DVDs are for intermediate/advanced dancers.  The ladies' styling DVD is for all levels of "On 2".  The "Timing & Speed Instructional CD" is very useful for those wishing to learn the correct timing in salsa dancing & music.  Using 3 different songs played slow, medium & fast tempo, this CD demonstrates the clave, the basic count of the 8 beat measure, the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 count to know when to step, the 1st & 5th beats in the measure to know where to start dancing, the 2nd & 6th beats of the measure to know where to "break on 2 & 6", and then the complete songs played without any aids for drilling practice.  Many dancers, even some instructors & performers, cannot seem to hear the 1st beat of the measure, or get confused between the clave and the 1st beat, all of which throws off their timing in the dance.  This CD helps solve these problems.  For info & purchase of DVDs & CD, click on Online Salsa Store, or contact them at email  jaicandy@aol.com , phone  973-715-0018 , web site www.JaiCandy.com .



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