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Originally posted on SalsaNewYork on 4/03

Product Review: 
Estilo Clasico LLC.

Jai & Candy
Timing and Speed
Instructional CD
-by Manny Siverio

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Jai and Candy are a pair of NY/NJ Mambo Instructors, performers and choreographers that have actively been involved in the NY/NJ Mambo scene for the last several years. They have performed around the world and throughout the U.S. and are original cast members of the Off-Broadway Musical "Latin Madness". They have put together their experience as mambo instructors to create a CD that works on both counting (timing) and speed. This month SalsaNewYork reviews their first instructional product entitled "Timing and Speed Instructional CD.

Description Of Product
Jai and Candy's timing & speed CD has three songs that have been broken down into three major speed sections

  • SLOW


  • FAST

Each of the three songs inside of each speed section is further broken down into four timing parts and are roughly under a minute long.

  • 1st Track - 1-8 count (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

  • 2nd Track  - 1,2,3 - 5,6,7 count

  • 3rd Track - 1 & 5 count

  • 4th Track - 2 & 6 count

An additional fifth track is provided for each sample (song) which contains no counting. This no counting track serves as a practice track so that students can count on their own.  

Manny's Take:
Jai and Candy's Timing & Speed Instructional CD is simply broken down and easy to understand. The structure of the CD allows the listener to gradually build a basic understanding of timing no matter if you prefer dancing on the "1" or the "2". The counting is clear, easy to follow and helps set the cadence for the student to follow and imitate on his own. I love the fact that the same three songs are repeated at faster speeds so that the student can learn to distinguish the increase in tempo from one version to the next. The timing section of listening to where the "2" & "6" beat is especially helpful for those of us that want to break on the "2". I think that the entire CD is a wonderful exercise for those dancers who have trouble hearing the 1st beat of the measure or get confused between the clave and hearing the 1st beat. By the end of the CD you should be able to count the music on your own and dance at the speed of and timing of the song. I would recommend this CD as an excellent training tool for students to listen to while driving, taking a subway, at home or just walking down the street.

SalsaNewYork Rating system:
This Product Rated a 7 out of 8 beat clave.

1-2 beats = Awful, don't waste your time or money
3-4 beats = Poor, might offer some valuable information to some dancers
5-6 beats = Good, not perfect but worth the investment
7-8 beats = Excellent, ideal training tool for instruction and/or learning

Where To Buy This Product:
Jai & Candy's Online Salsa Store
or contact them directly via 


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